zondag 20 juni 2010

look what the postman brought me ...

a while ago, I bought some necklace from my friend Sandra from 'zsazsazsu' and last week when I turn back from Leiden, my package was waiting for me :-))

look what a beauty's !!

the blue and the one with the red painted beads (Sandra's daughter made this one) 're my favorites...

and she added also a 'funpackage' ... things to spoil me and trigger my experimenting soul : a little spoon from Peru (for my spoon jewelry) and beautiful beads... I'll show you later what I've done with them ... but Sandra ...thanks !! I'm enjoy them a lot!! and have a nice holiday !!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wow this is really great!!
    Lovely necklaces and the fun package is a real treat!

  2. Blij dat ze goed zijn toegekomen ! Die staafjes zijn eigenlijk 'urchins' - stekels van een zee-egel. Ik moet de mijne ook nog ne keer boren en gebruiken ... een uitdaging !