dinsdag 30 maart 2010

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3. Kobi

sometimes you've to go your own way, because their is no other way...you don't find the right words to express yourself and even how hard you try, there's no other to reach... I've been there and now I feel the same way... I know there's always a reason and a light so I'm not afraid... but I must admit I would I could reach the other on the same frequences...but whatever happens, I know at the end , I'll be a stronger person than before with so much to be grateful for...

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. It's not always easy but being a poitive mind like you are, things will work out. When one door closes, another one opens usually...
    I need my comfort zone but I've been hiding in there so it's good to come out slowly and knowing that I can go back there anytime makes this possible! ;)

  2. more 100 % right !!! Great expression

  3. Great mosaic! I wish you all the strenght you need on your path at the moment!

  4. Stunning, your
    Style combination is amazing,
    love it!!!

  5. This is a really gorgeous mosaic. Best wishes for whatever challenges you may be facing in your life.

  6. Believe in yourself..!! Great pictures..!