maandag 8 februari 2010

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tijdens de dagen dat ik niet werk, probeer ik steevast tijd door te brengen met mezelf... alleen met jezelf zijn, teruggeworpen op wie je bent, stil staan bij wat belangrijk is... ik noem het mijn innerlijke circels, gaan tot in je diepste kern, de confrontatie aandurven, genieten van de eenvoud , de stilte, weten dat alles goed is zoals het is ... en energie op doen om weer verder te cirkel weer uitgaan en zijn dat enige dat telt : jezelf...probeer het en je zult verwonderd zijn, de schoonheid te zien, beleven waar je eerder aan voorbij liep...

the days I don't have to work, I 've the habitude to spend a lot of the time with myself, being alone with yourself and going to your inner circle's an important thing for me...the confrontation with who you realy 're, what you feel as important, the simplicity of life at that moment is what count for me... and after a while, coming out, participate your life with the people around and staying yourself at anytime, is the only thing that's count... try it, you'll see the beauty of things, you never stood still before...

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  1. Beautiful photos :) I agree that personal reflection is important especially when you feel that you may have gone a little off course from what is truly important to you :) Lovely mosaic!

  2. I love your photo choices with your words! :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean! That's what I was doing last week, spending time with myself. Comes out, I'm quite a pleasant company :)
    Beautiful mosaic!

  4. I like being on my own too. When I was younger I used to say to people -who were worried with my inclination to being alone- that I think in life there are two kinds of solitude: 1- the one you get because people push you away or ignore you; 2- the one you seak and find and for which you have to take the time to learn to be with yourself, with your thoughts and ways. This last one is the "good" one, the one that allows you to come out when you want and face the world as a whole, entire entity, complete. Makes for a better person I think, one that takes the time to learn to be with oneself.